§ 9-4803.  Bed Bugs and Dwelling Facility Operators.
   (1)   Every dwelling facility operator shall develop, maintain, and follow a bed bug control plan and shall investigate any suspected infestation and remediate any such infestation.
   (2)   A dwelling facility operator shall, upon request, provide a copy of its bed bug control plan to a dwelling facility resident.
   (3)   No dwelling facility operator shall knowingly lease or provide a room or unit in its facility in which a bed bug infestation exists.
   (4)   No dwelling facility operator shall retaliate against a dwelling facility resident, employee, contractor, lessee or other user of its facility for reporting a suspected or known bed bug infestation to the operator or for sharing such information with other residents or users.
   (5)   A dwelling facility operator shall maintain written records of any measures taken or of any report prepared by a pest management professional retained by the facility operator in connection with a suspected or actual bed bug infestation for three years after such measures were taken or report issued. The plan and records shall be open to inspection upon request by such city personnel as may be designated by the Managing Director.
   (6)   A dwelling facility resident shall notify in writing the dwelling facility operator of any known or reasonably suspected bed bug infestation in an occupied room or unit, within three days of discovery, and cooperate with the dwelling facility operator in the investigation and remediation of the infestation.