§ 9-4704.  Determination of Bona Fide Economic Reasons.
   (1)   The parking employer shall promptly provide a written explanation to any discharged employee of the precise bona fide economic reason(s) for the discharge. The fact finder may not consider any reasons not included in such written explanation.
   (2)   A discharge shall not be considered based on bona fide economic reasons unless supported by the parking employer's business records showing that the closing, technological or reorganizational changes resulted in a reduction in revenue or profit.
   (3)   Discharges based on bona fide economic reasons shall be done in reverse order of seniority according to the length of service of parking employees in the work site where the discharge is to occur, computed in accordance with subsection 9-4704(4), so that employees most senior in length of service shall be retained the longest and, in the case of temporary layoffs of staff, reinstated first.
   (4)   Length of service shall be computed from the first date of employment, unless such service has been interrupted by an absence from the payroll of more than six months, in which case length of service shall be computed from the date of restoration to the payroll. Length of service of a parking employee shall be deemed not to have been interrupted if such absence was the result of military service, illness, educational leave, leave authorized by law, or discharge in violation of any local, state or federal law.