§ 9-4703.  Determination of Just Cause.
   (1)   In determining whether a parking employee has been discharged for just cause, the fact finder shall consider, in addition to any other relevant factors, whether:
      (a)   The parking employee violated the parking employer's policy, rule or practice;
      (b)   The parking employee knew or should have known of the parking employer's policy, rule or practice;
      (c)   The parking employer provided relevant and adequate training to the parking employee;
      (d)   The parking employer's policy, rule or practice was reasonable and applied consistently; and
      (e)   The parking employer undertook a fair and objective investigation prior to discharging the employee.
   (2)   A discharge shall not be considered based on just cause unless the parking employer has utilized progressive discipline; provided, however, that the parking employer may not rely on discipline issued more than one year before the purported just cause discharge as a step in progressive discipline.
   (3)   The parking employer shall promptly provide a written explanation to any discharged parking employee of the precise reasons for the just cause discharge. The fact finder may not consider any reasons not included in such written explanation.
   (4)   The parking employer shall bear the burden of proving just cause by a preponderance of non-hearsay evidence in any proceeding brought pursuant to this Chapter.