§ 9-4606.  Exercise of Rights Protected; Retaliation Prohibited.
   (1)   It shall be unlawful for an employer or any other person to interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of, or the attempt to exercise, any right protected under this Chapter 9-4600.
   (2)   No person shall take any adverse action as to an employee that penalizes such employee for, or is reasonably likely to deter such employee from, exercising or attempting to exercise any right protected under this Chapter. Taking an adverse action includes threatening, intimidating, disciplining, discharging, demoting, suspending or harassing an employee; assigning an employee to a lesser position in terms of job classification, job security, or other condition of employment; reducing the hours or pay of an employee or denying the employee additional hours; and discriminating against the employee, including actions or threats related to perceived immigration status or work authorization.
   (3)   Protections of this Section shall apply to any person who mistakenly but in good faith alleges violations of this Chapter.
   (4)   It shall be considered a rebuttable presumption of retaliation if the employer or any other person takes an adverse action against an employee within 90 calendar days of the employee's exercise of rights protected in this Chapter unless due to disciplinary reasons for just cause, provided the employer documents in writing the incident relating to the employee's discipline. In the case of seasonal employment that ended before the close of the 90 calendar day period, the presumption also applies if the employer fails to rehire a former employee at the next opportunity for work in the same position.