§ 9-4602.  Advance Notice of Work Schedules.
   (1)   Upon hiring an employee, a Covered Employer shall provide such employee with a written, good faith estimate of the employee's work schedule. The employer shall revise the good faith estimate when there is a significant change, as further defined by regulation, to the employee's work schedule due to changes in the employee's availability or to the employer's business needs. The good faith estimate is not a contractual offer binding the employer, but an estimate made without a good faith basis is a violation of this Section. The employer is encouraged to engage in an interactive process to discuss such employee requests, but may grant or deny the request for any reason that is not unlawful. The good faith estimate shall contain:
      (a)   The average number of work hours the employee can expect to work each week over a typical 90-day period;
      (b)   Whether the employee can expect to work any on-call shifts;
      (c)   A subset of days and a subset of times or shifts that the employee can typically expect to work, or days of the week and times or shifts on which the employee will not be scheduled to work.
   (2)   At the time of hire and during employment, the employee has the right to make work schedule requests. The requests protected under this Section include but are not limited to:
      (a)   Requests not to be scheduled for work shifts during certain days or times or at certain locations;
      (b)   Requests not to work on-call shifts;
      (c)   Requests for certain hours, days, or locations of work;
      (d)   Requests for more or fewer work hours.
   (3)   On or before the commencement of employment, a Covered Employer shall provide the employee with a written Work Schedule that runs through the last date of the currently posted schedule. Thereafter, an employer shall provide written notice of work hours as set forth in subsection 9-4602(4). Nothing in this subsection 9-4602(3) shall be construed to prohibit an Employer from providing greater advance notice of Employee's Work Schedules and/or changes in schedules than that required by this Section.
   (4)   Written notice of the Work Schedule shall be provided in a conspicuous and accessible location where employee notices are customarily posted. If the employer posts the notice in electronic format, all employees in the workplace must have access to it on-site. The Posted Work Schedule shall include the employees' shifts at that worksite, whether or not they are scheduled to work or be on-call that week, and shall be posted no later than 10 days before the first day of any new schedule from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and shall be posted no later than 14 days before the first day of any new schedule beginning January 1, 2021.
   (5)   A Covered Employer shall provide notice of any proposed changes to the Work Schedule as promptly as possible and prior to the change taking effect. The Covered Employer must revise the written Work Schedule to reflect any changes within 24 hours of making the change.
   (6)   An employee may decline to work any hours or additional shifts not included in the Posted Work Schedule. If the employee voluntarily consents to work such hours, such consent must be recorded by written communication. A written communication of an employee's desire to work shifts made available pursuant to Section 9-4605 shall constitute written consent.