§ 9-4505.  Rights Protected; Retaliation Prohibited.
   (1)   It shall be unlawful for a hiring entity or any other person to interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of, or the attempt to exercise, any right set forth in this Chapter.
   (2)   The minimum requirements of Section 9-4503 ("Minimum Protections") shall be deemed incorporated into any contract, whether actual or implied, between the hiring entity and the domestic worker.
   (3)   A material breach by a hiring entity of a contract with a domestic worker shall constitute a violation of this Chapter, without regard to whether the breach is of a provision required by this Chapter.
   (4)   No hiring entity or any other person shall take or threaten retaliatory action against any person because a domestic worker has exercised rights or pursued a claim of violation under this Chapter. Such rights include the right to use break and leave time pursuant to this Chapter; the right to demand compliance with protections established by contract; the right to file a complaint or inform any person about a hiring entity's alleged violation of this Chapter; the right to cooperate with the Enforcement Agency in any investigation pursuant to this Chapter; and the right to inform any person of the rights established under this Chapter.
   (5)   Retaliatory action includes communicating to a person the willingness or intent to contact a government agency regarding the suspected citizenship or immigration status of a domestic worker or family member of a domestic worker because the worker has or has expressed an intent to exercise rights protected under this Chapter or because of a belief the worker may do so.
   (6)   The protections of this Section 9-4505 shall apply to any person who mistakenly but in good faith alleges a violation of this Chapter.