§ 9-4502.  Contract and Other Requirements.
   (1)   No hiring entity shall employ a domestic worker, except for work on a casual basis or work of less than 5 hours per month, unless the engagement is governed by a written contract governing the following: a specific list of job duties; hourly wage and overtime wage; weekly schedule including number of hours per week; the manner and frequency of payment; breaks for rest and meals; paid or unpaid leave including sick time; paid holidays; any other benefits provided; modes of transportation required and whether provided; value of housing if provided; sleeping period and personal time for live-in workers; the term of the contract; and any other terms and conditions as agreed upon by the domestic worker and the hiring entity or as mandated pursuant to this Chapter, provided that no provisions in the written agreement may waive a domestic worker's rights under federal, state, or local law. The contract must be signed and dated by all parties after ample opportunity to review.
   (2)   The agreement must be in English and such other language as may be preferred by the worker. The hiring entity shall make reasonable efforts to determine if the worker would prefer the agreement to be in another language.
   (3)   When the person utilizing the services of a domestic worker obtains services through a person, agency or entity that is the hiring entity, the hiring entity shall have a contract with such person that sets forth the rights of a domestic worker under this Chapter.
   (4)   Template agreements complying with this Chapter shall be made available in multiple languages by the Enforcement Agency through regulations, as provided in Section 9-4506.
   (5)   A referral agency shall provide domestic workers and hiring entities with information concerning the contract requirements of this Chapter at the time a hiring entity is connected with a worker and shall make any contract templates adopted by the City available to the hiring entity through the medium used to communicate with the hiring entity, such as through a link to the City's template webpage on the referral agency's website.