§ 9-4302.  Wage Theft Coordinator; Duties.
   (1)   Coordinator. The Managing Director shall designate a wage theft coordinator to carry out the duties set forth in this Chapter.
   (2)   The wage theft coordinator shall have the following duties:
      (a)   Receive and review each wage theft complaint submitted by a Proper Party;
      (b)   If the complaint is above the Maximum Threshold Amount or below the Minimum Threshold Amount, assist and advise persons with complaints by providing them with information regarding available remedies, and provide such other assistance as the coordinator may deem appropriate; and
      (c)   Make determinations regarding complaints as provided in this Chapter. 1235
      (d)   Oversee a public outreach and education program designed to inform workers and employers of their rights and duties in complying with this Chapter 1236 and other labor laws. Special emphasis should be placed on outreach to workers with limited English proficiency and other at-risk groups.
      (e)   Refer complaints and complainants to other governmental agencies for further action, if deemed necessary.



   Amended, Bill No. 171113 (approved March 6, 2018).
   Enrolled bill read "...complying with Chapter...."