§ 9-4203.  Enforcement and Penalties. 1231.2
   (1)   The property owner and the owner or operator of the donation bin shall be liable for any violation of the provisions of this Chapter. Notices of violations shall be issued in accordance with Section 1-112 of this Code.
   (2)   Removal. Whenever a violation made subject to an order of a code enforcement officer pursuant to this Section is not corrected, the officer may order the property owner to remove the donation bin. If the property owner has failed to remove the donation bin within the time specified by the Department, the Department, in addition to invoking any other sanction or penalty under this Code, shall be authorized to remove or have the donation bin removed, charge the costs (including administrative costs) thereof to the violator, and with the approval of the Law Department collect the costs from the property owner or donation bin owner by lien or otherwise. If the Department determines that a donation bin in violation of this Chapter also constitutes a threat to public safety, it may remove the bin within five (5) days of such determination, after making its best efforts to give reasonable notice to the property owner or bin owner.
   (3)   Penalties. A violation of any provision of this Chapter shall constitute a Class II offense under Section 1-109. Each day of operation in violation of this Chapter shall constitute a separate offense.



   Former Sections 9-4203 and 9-4204 repealed and former Section 9-4205 renumbered as Section 9-4203, Bill No. 200618 (approved March 17, 2021), effective June 15, 2021.