§ 9-4001.  Definitions.
   (1)   Automated Purchasing Machine or APM. Any self-service automated device that, without the physical presence of a human agent, is capable of taking possession of and dispensing payment for any one or more types of personal property, other than cash (also known as reverse vending machines).
   (2)   Operate. As used in this Chapter, the term operate shall include ownership of an APM operated in violation of this Chapter, unless the owner can show that the illegal operation was without his knowledge or consent.
   (3)   Person. As used in this Chapter, an individual, or a partnership, firm, association, corporation, or other entity of any kind, other than a government entity or instrumentality.
   (4)   Secure Location. Any location where an Automated Purchasing Machine was lawfully installed as of September 1, 2014, and any other location specifically identified by City Council ordinance.