§ 9-3908.  Notification of License Obligation. 1225
   (1)   Notification of License Obligation.
      (a)   Whenever the City issues a certificate to an owner indicating the zoning classification and the legality of the existing use of a property to be sold, as required by the act of November 28, 1973 (P.L. 348, No. 121), as amended (21 P.S. § 613), such certificate shall include a summary of the license and owner accountability responsibility requirements of this Chapter and the property maintenance requirements of Title 4, Subcode PM (the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code). Such summary shall contain, at minimum, the following information:
         (.1)   an explanation of the property license requirements, including the following statement: "No person shall collect rent with respect to any property without first obtaining a license pursuant to Chapter 9-3900 of The Philadelphia Code.";
         (.2)   an explanation of the license requirements applicable to vacant lots, structures and waterfront structures, including the following statement: "The owner of a vacant lot, structure or waterfront structure is required to obtain a license pursuant to Chapter 9-3900 of The Philadelphia Code." 1226
         (.3)   an explanation of how an owner can obtain a copy of the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code; and
         (.4)   the following statement: "Failure of the buyer to obtain a property license, if required by Chapter 9-3900 of The Philadelphia Code, within ten (10) days after the transfer of ownership shall constitute a violation of The Philadelphia Code and may result in fines and penalties."



   Added, Bill No. 140939 (approved January 15, 2015). Section 2 of Bill No. 140939 provides: "This Ordinance shall take effect upon the effective date of Bill No. 140892." Bill No. 140892-A is effective July 1, 2015.
   Added and subsequent subsections renumbered, Bill No. 160249 (approved June 28, 2016).