§ 9-3904.  Vacant Lot License.
   (1)   Required.
      (a)   The owner of any lot on which no structure is built and no productive activity has been conducted with the owner's permission for at least the past three (3) months shall obtain a Vacant Lot License.
      (b)   Exceptions. No license is required for the following:
         (.1)   Vacant lots contiguous to and in common ownership with a vacant lot that has a current vacant lot license. This exception shall include building lots in common ownership within an approved subdivision, provided there is a current vacant lot license for the subdivision tract.
         (.2)   Vacant lots contiguous to or separated by a driveway from a building where there is common ownership of the lot and the building. This exception includes a contiguous lot owned and maintained by the abutting property owner as a side yard.
         (.3)   A lot that is continuously maintained as a garden.