§ 9-3802.  Regulations.
   The construction and use of electric security fences shall be allowed in the City of Philadelphia only as provided in this Section, subject to the following standards:
   (1)   Electrification.
      (a)   The energizer for electric security fences shall be driven by a commercial storage battery not to exceed 12 volts DC. The storage battery shall be charged primarily by a solar panel, and may be augmented by a commercial trickle charger.
      (b)   The electric charge produced by the fence upon contact shall not exceed energizer characteristics set forth in paragraph 22.108 of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standard No. 60335-2-76 and depicted in Figure 102 thereof.
   (2)   Perimeter fence or wall. No electric security fence shall be installed or used unless it is completely surrounded by a non-electric fence or wall that is not less than six feet in height.
   (3)   Location. Electric fences shall not be permitted in any residentially-zoned district or in any property that includes a dwelling other than a caretakers' residence.
   (4)   Height. Electric security fences shall have a height of no more than 10 feet.
   (5)   Warning signs. Electric security fences shall be clearly identified with warning signs, at intervals of not less than thirty feet, which shall include the following words prominently displayed: "Warning - Electric Fence". At least one warning sign shall be placed on each side of the fence facing an area accessible to the public.