§ 9-3702.  Registration of Bouncers.
   (1)   No person shall perform the duties of a bouncer at a covered establishment without completing a prescribed Third-Party Training Course and without registering as a bouncer with the Administrative Agency. A bouncer shall have forty-five days from the date of hire by a covered establishment to both complete a Third-Party Training Course and to apply for registration. All bouncers shall apply for registration by submitting a certificate from the Third-Party Training Course certifying the person's completion of the course to the Administrative Agency.
   (2)   The certificate awarded to a person completing the Third-Party Training Course shall contain the following information:
      (a)   bouncer's name and address;
      (b)   bouncer's home and mobile telephone number;
      (c)   bouncer's email address;
      (d)   bouncer's business privilege license 1206 number if bouncer is an independent contractor; and
      (e)   a description of every third-party training course, covering the areas set forth in Section 9-3705, that was successfully completed by the bouncer, including the name of each third-party trainer and the dates of each training course, and a copy of each certificate received evidencing successful completion of each such course.
   A bouncer shall report any changes in the information contained in the certificate to the Administrative Agency within fifteen (15) days of the change. The form for reporting changes shall be available online at the City's official website.
   (3)   A certificate of successful completion of a Third-Party Training Course shall serve as permanent registration.
   (4)   The registration of any bouncer who is convicted of an offense involving danger to the person or who fails to successfully complete any additional training required by regulations issued pursuant to Section 9-3706 shall be revoked. 1207



   Note that "business privilege license" was changed to "commercial activity license" by Bill No. 110758 (approved December 21, 2011), effective May 1, 2012.
   Enrolled bill read "...pursuant to subsection § 9-3606 shall be revoked."