§ 9-3701.  Definitions.
   (1)   Bouncer shall mean any person primarily performing duties related to security, maintaining order and safety in a covered establishment;
   (2)   Covered Establishment shall mean any drinking establishment or special assembly occupancy;
   (3)   Drinking Establishment shall mean any establishment which gives or offers for sale food or drink to the public, guests, or employees whether for consumption on or off the premises whose on-site sales of food for consumption on the premises comprises no more than twenty percent (20%) of gross sales of both food, non- alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on an annual basis, or on such other basis as the Administrative Agency shall by regulation provide with respect to such establishments that have been open for less than one full year.
   (4)   Administrative Agency shall mean the Managing Director's Office, or such other agency as the Mayor may designate to administer and enforce the provisions of this Chapter.
   (5)   Special Assembly Occupancy shall have the same meaning as in Section 9-703 of the Code.
   (6)   Third-Party Training Course shall mean a training course for bouncers, approved by the Administrative Agency and operated by an entity that is approved by the Administrative Agency and is not affiliated with a covered establishment.



Section 9-3701 - Delayed Amendment
This section has been amended by Bill No. 210117 (approved July 15, 2021), effective January 15, 2022.