§ 9-3603.  Enforcement; Private Right of Action.
   (1)   Violation of this Chapter shall be a Class III offense, subject to the fines set forth in Section 1-109.
   (2)   Any person aggrieved by an agent's violation of subsection 9-3602(1)(c) shall have a right of action against such agent, and may recover for each such violation:
      (a)   Actual damages;
      (b)   Exemplary damages of two thousand dollars ($2,000);
      (c)   Reasonable attorney's fees and court costs;
      (d)   Such other relief, including injunctive relief, as the court may deem appropriate.
   (3)   Nothing in this Section shall limit the right of an aggrieved person to recover damages under any other applicable law or legal theory, nor shall it limit the right of the City to seek fines or other remedies for violations of this Chapter, except that any fine imposed by the City for a violation of this Chapter shall be reduced by the amount of exemplary damages, if any, finally awarded pursuant to subsection 9-3603(2) for the same violation.