§ 9-3506.  Enforcement. 1198
   (1)   The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations (the "Commission") shall administer and enforce this Chapter. The Commission is authorized to issue regulations in furtherance of its administration and enforcement authority.
   (2)   Each violation of this Chapter shall constitute a "Class III" offense and any person who violates this Chapter shall be subject to a fine as set forth in subsection 1-109(3).
   (3)   Any person injured by a violation of this Chapter may report such violation to the Commission. In order to exercise the private right of action provided under Section 9-3508 of this Chapter, a person must first report the violation to the Commission within 300 calendar days of the unlawful act. In addition to the penalties authorized by subsection 9-3506(2), the Commission may issue an order directing an employer who has engaged in practices made unlawful by this Chapter to take affirmative action to redress the harms suffered by the complainant. The Commission may order remedies, including, but not limited to:
      (a)   An order requiring the respondent to cease and desist such unlawful practice;
      (b)   Any injunctive or other equitable relief;
      (c)   Payment of compensatory damages;
      (d)   Payment of punitive damages, not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000) per violation;
      (e)   Payment of reasonable attorneys' fees.



   Amended, Bill No. 150815 (approved December 15, 2015), effective March 14, 2016.