§ 9-3304.  Inspection of Tower Cranes.
   (1)   Immediately following any of the following circumstances, a tower crane inspector who has been certified by the manufacturer for the crane to be erected, or who has been certified by NCCCO or another organization accredited by NCCA and is knowledgeable of the manufacturer's operating and design specifications for the crane to be erected, shall conduct a thorough inspection of the tower crane covering all items as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):
      (a)   The erection of a tower crane;
      (b)   The climbing (jumping) or lowering of a tower crane; or
      (c)   The expiration of any 180-day period following a previous inspection if the tower crane has not been raised or lowered in the intervening period.
   (2)   Reserved. 1175
   (3)   The construction manager shall submit to the Department documentation reflecting the performance and result of an inspection required by subsection (1) within 10 days of such inspection.
   (4)   The dedicated safety representative designated pursuant to Section 9-3302 shall periodically inspect all rigging and crane equipment while the crane remains on site. All unresolved defects and practices that affect the safe operation of the crane shall be reported to the construction manager, who in turn shall take immediate and appropriate action to suspend the use of the crane until all safety defects have been corrected.



   Amended, Bill No. 170955-A (approved February 14, 2018).