§ 9-3004.  Sheet Metal Systems Technician Certification.
   (1)   To obtain a sheet metal systems technician certificate, an applicant must pay an application fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) and either:
      (a)   take and pass an examination designated by the Department for purposes of this Chapter; or
      (b)   meet the qualifications for reciprocity pursuant to Section 9-3006 of this Chapter; or
      (c)   meet the requirements of Section 9-3007 of this Chapter during the one-year grace period established by that Section and apply for such certification within the time frame specified in that Section.
   (2)   To take an examination for a sheet metal systems technician certificate required by this Chapter, an applicant must provide the Department, in addition to any other information required by the Department, evidence demonstrating that he or she has successfully completed a registered sheet metal technician apprenticeship program.
   (3)   The Department shall issue a picture identification certification card to persons who meet the qualifications for a sheet metal systems technician certificate under this Chapter. A certified sheet metal systems technician shall carry this card at all times when performing work on sheet metal systems.