§ 9-2903.  Required Posting of Premises for Which Permit is Sought. 1151
   (1)   At the time an application is filed, the Board shall provide the applicant with the appropriate number of posters in the form established by the Board.
   (2)   The posters shall be prominently displayed on each side of the premises abutting the street in a manner which can be readily observed by passersby.
   (3)   The posters shall be displayed beginning the day after the application is stamped "filed", and shall remain on display for fourteen (14) consecutive days.
   (4)   If an inspection demonstrates a violation of the posting requirements of this Section, the Board shall reject the application and the 90-day period for Board action shall cease to run. In that event, the applicant must refile its application. A new application fee of fifty dollars ($50) will be required where the original application was rejected for failure to properly post the premises. The 90-day period for Board action shall start anew from the date of the refiled application.
   (5)   If an inspection demonstrates that the applicant has failed to obtain all permits and approvals required by law for the operation of a take-out beer or malt liquor establishment at the Premises, or that the applicant is otherwise not in compliance with the provisions of any state laws or local ordinances regulating the conduct of its business at the subject Premises, the Department of Licenses and Inspections shall forthwith file a protest against the application with the Malt and Brewed Beverage Hearing Board.



   Amended, Bill No. 070367-A (approved June 15, 2007).