§ 9-2603.  Permit Issuance.
   (1)   An application for a planned event permit shall be made on a form provided by the Department at least thirty (30) days before the event and shall be signed by all sponsors. The Department is authorized to require a non- refundable filing fee to be charged upon application for such permit in an amount to be determined by regulations of the Department. Such filing fees shall be applied as a credit to the permit fee.
   (2)   A planned event permit shall be issued if the following requirements are met:
      (a)   the applicant has submitted all required information, which shall include a comprehensive description of the planned event, including dates and times, estimated attendance, and a detailed description of all forms of entertainment to be provided;
      (b)   the applicant has submitted, and the Managing Director, or his or her designee, has approved, a comprehensive crowd management plan that details the measures the applicant will take to cooperate with the City to control and minimize crowd impact on neighboring residents, prevent underage drinking, maintain public safety, mitigate noise disturbances, ensure safe flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and prevent public intoxication or unrest resulting from crowd overflow from the premises at which the planned event will be held, and which plan shall include the measures to be taken by the applicant to retain sufficient personnel and provide them all necessary training necessary to meet the applicant's obligations under the plan. The Managing Director, or his or her designee, shall approve any reasonable plan so submitted;
      (c)   the applicant has entered into a written agreement with the City, in form approved by the Law Department, under which the applicant agrees to:
         (.1)   reimburse the City for the additional costs necessitated by the increase in the amount, scope, or level of necessary fire protection, police, traffic control, crowd control, or other public services above those that would normally be required in the absence of the planned event, which costs shall include, but not be limited to, overtime pay for City employees;
         (.2)   indemnify the City for claims made against the City in connection with services provided in connection with the event;
         (.3)   reimburse residents or businesses in the neighborhood of the premises at which the planned event will be held for property damage caused by persons attending the event;
      (d)   the applicant has furnished a bond or other security in form and amount approved by the Law Department to guaranty the applicant's obligation to reimburse the City, residents and businesses under the agreement required by subsection (c);
      (e)   the applicant has certified that it is not delinquent in the payment of any City taxes or fines, and that any other City licenses required in connection with the holding of the planned event have been obtained; and
      (f)   the applicant has paid a permit fee in an amount to be determined by the Department by regulation.