§ 9-2601.  Definitions.
   (1)   Department. The Department of Licenses and Inspections.
   (2)   Commercial. Relating to the for-profit activity of any entity, but not including the activities of non-profit or charitable organizations.
   (3)   Planned Event. A primarily commercial event held in whole or in part at any premises:
      (a)   that is promoted by the sponsor by print, radio or television advertisements, or by any other method;
      (b)   that the sponsor should reasonably expect will attract significantly more people than can be accommodated within the safe occupancy limits of such premises; and
      (c)   that, because of expected overflow of people outside the premises, the sponsor should reasonably expect will require a significant increase in the amount, scope, or level of necessary fire protection, police, traffic control, crowd control, or other public services above those that would normally be required in the absence of the event.
   (4)   Sponsor. The owner of the premises at which a planned event is to be held, and any other person who sponsors the planned event.