§ 9-2002.  Minimum Requirements.
   (1)   Any establishment that sells malt or brewed beverages for consumption off the premises shall:
      (a)   Be equipped with tables and chairs sufficient to accommodate at least thirty persons at one time;
      (b)   Have a total area available to the public of not less than three hundred square feet;
      (c)   Regularly and customarily prepare and sell food;
      (d)   Not prohibit the consumption on the premises of malt or brewed beverages purchased from the establishment;
      (e)   Not permit minors to frequent the premises, unless the minor is under proper supervision by an adult person not employed by the establishment or unless the establishment's gross sales of food and non-alcoholic beverages equal seventy percent (70%) or more of the combined gross sales of both food and all beverages; and
      (f)   Comply with all relevant provisions of The Philadelphia Code.