§ 9-1502.  Notification Requirements.
   (1)   Whenever an employer within the City of Philadelphia makes a decision to close or relocate the operations of an establishment of that employer, the employer shall notify in writing the Director of Commerce of the City of Philadelphia, the employees of the affected establishment, and any employee organization which represents the employees of the affected establishment, of such intent to close or relocate not less than sixty days prior to the date of such closing or relocation.
   (2)   The written notice required by subsection (1) shall include the following:
      (a)   The nature of the establishment affected by the closing or relocation of operations.
      (b)   The reasons for the proposed closing or relocation.
      (c)   An impact statement which shall include information concerning the:
         (.1)   employer's payroll.
         (.2)   number of employees to be affected by the proposed action.
         (.3)   wages and other remunerations paid to those employees.
         (.4)   the employer's efforts, if any, to find suitable employment for affected employees.
         (.5)   amount of local tax revenue that will be lost as a result of the proposed action.
      (d)   The proposed date of closing or relocation.
      (e)   The employer's intentions, if any, to continue production at a new location.
      (f)   Any plans the employer might have to sell the establishment, including a statement as to whether the employees have been given first right of refusal to buy and operate the establishment.