§ 9-1127.  Gender Neutrality in City Forms. 1083
   (1)   Effective one year after the effective date of this Ordinance, all new forms issued by any City department, board, or commission shall not include requests for gender-specific identification. Such forms shall include, for example, the term "Parent/Legal Guardian" instead of "Mother" or "Father". Where it is necessary to request the gender of a person, an option shall be provided for that person to select the option "self-identify" for the person's gender in addition to the options of "male" and "female".
   (2)   Exceptions. Gender neutrality pursuant to subsection (1) shall not be required for a particular form if the Commission or City Solicitor certifies and advises the Department of Records in writing that any of the following circumstances exists:
      (a)   gender-specific information will further the ability of the requesting agency to perform its responsibilities;
      (b)   state or federal law requires the use of gender-specific information;
      (c)   eligibility for funding depends upon the use of gender-specific information;
      (d)   the Commission has determined that, for a reason not listed above, gender-specific data is required, in which case the Commission shall specify the reason for this exception.



   Added, Bill No. 130224 (approved May 8, 2013).