§ 9-1126.  Life Partnerships – Responsibilities of Others. 1082
   (1)   Health Care Providers.
      (a)   Health care providers shall allow a patient's Life Partner, and the children of such Life Partner, visitation rights consistent with 42 C.F.R. § 482.13(h). The dependent, foster, or adopted child of the patient's Life Partner shall have the same visitation rights that a child of the patient would have.
      (b)   In the event that the patient is incapacitated, the Life Partner of the patient shall have the same authority to make health care decisions that a spouse of the patient would have.
      (c)   If a provider does not require spouses of patients to prove their spousal status, then the provider shall not require Life Partners to prove Life Partner status. If such proof is required, then the provider may accept as proof any evidence of the Life Partnership the provider deems acceptable, provided that the provider shall accept a copy of the official document issued by the Commission pursuant to subsection 9-1125(2) confirming Life Partner status.
   (2)   Funeral Providers. The Verification Statement designed by the Commission shall include an optional section in which a Life Partner may designate the other Life Partner as the person authorized to determine the final disposition of the first Life Partner's remains. Funeral providers shall treat such a designation as the authorization required by 20 Pa. C.S. § 305 ("Right to dispose of a decedent's remains"). In designing this section of the Verification Statement, the Commission shall ensure that the section complies with all requirements of state law as to form and verification.
   (3)   Visitation Rights in City Prison Facilities. The Prison system shall permit the minor child of an inmate to visit such inmate when accompanied by the inmates' Life Partner on the same basis and same conditions as if the minor child were accompanied by the inmate's spouse. Proof of Life Partnership in the form of a copy of the Verification Statement may be required.
   (4)   Notification of Family Members. Whenever a City official or employee is directed or authorized to notify "family members" or "next of kin", on behalf of an injured person, such official or employee shall attempt to determine whether the person has a Life Partner and, if so, the official or employee shall include that Life Partner among those notified. The Managing Director or such other official as the Mayor shall designate, shall take steps to ensure that City employees are aware of this responsibility.



   Added, Bill No. 130224 (approved May 8, 2013).