§ 9-1124.  Termination of Life Partnerships.
   (1)   Either Life Partner may terminate the Life Partnership by filing a sworn Termination Statement with the Commission, in the form and manner required by the Commission, stating that the Life Partnership is to be terminated. The termination shall become effective sixty (60) days from the date the Termination Statement is filed, if it is signed by both Life Partners. If it is not signed by both Life Partners, the Termination Statement shall become effective sixty (60) days from the date proof is filed with the Commission that a copy of the Termination Statement was served, either personally or by certified or registered mail, on the other Life Partner.
   (2)   Automatic Termination of Life Partnership. A Life Partnership shall terminate automatically when any member dies or enters into a marriage with another person that is recognized in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 1080



   Added, Bill No. 130224 (approved May 8, 2013).