§ 9-1118.  Decision and Order.
   (1)   If, upon all the evidence at the hearing, the Commission shall find that respondent has been engaged in or is engaged in any unlawful practice, the Commission shall state its findings of fact and shall issue and cause to be served on the respondent an order requiring the respondent to cease and desist from such unlawful practice or practices and to take such affirmative action which in the judgment of the Commission will effectuate the purposes of this Chapter, including but not limited to, an order directing the respondent to comply with any of the remedies set forth in Sections 9-1105 (relating to remedies for unlawful employment practices), 9-1107 (relating to remedies for unlawful public accommodations practices), or 9-1110 (relating to remedies for unlawful housing and real property practices), and any of the penalties set forth in Section 9-1121 (relating to penalties).
   (2)   An order by the Commission may require a respondent to file a report showing compliance and the procedures adopted to effect compliance.
   (3)   In addition to the remedies authorized in Sections 9-1105, 9-1107 and 9-1110 of this Chapter, and remedies for other violations of this Chapter, the Commission may, upon a finding that a respondent has engaged in severe or repeated violations without effective efforts to remediate the violations, order that the respondent cease its business operations in the City for a specified period of time. 1075



   Added, Bill No. 170334 (approved May 17, 2017).