§ 9-1107.  Remedies for Unlawful Public Accommodations Practices.
   (1)   In addition to the relief authorized by Section 9-1121 (relating to penalties), the Commission may issue an order directing a respondent who has engaged in an unlawful public accommodations practice to take affirmative action to redress the harms suffered by the complainant. The Commission may order remedies, including, but not limited to:
      (a)   An order requiring the respondent to cease and desist such unlawful practice;
      (b)   Any injunctive or other equitable relief, including extending full, equal, unsegregated public accommodations, advantages and facilities;
      (c)   Payment of compensatory damages;
      (d)   Payment of punitive damages, not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000) per violation;
      (e)   Payment of reasonable attorneys' fees;
      (f)   Payment of hearing costs as reimbursement for expenses incurred by the Commission.