§ 9-636.  Gender-Neutral Bathroom Designation. 945
   (1)   Definitions.
      (a)   Gender Identity. Shall have the meaning given in subsection 9-1102(1).
      (b)   Gender-neutral Signage. Signs identifying a facility without indicating a gender, such as "Restroom", "Bathroom", or "Toilet", or symbols indicating the facility's availability for use by any person, regardless of gender or gender identity.
      (c)   Retail Establishment. A place of business open to the general public for the sale of goods or services.
   (2)   Any entity that owns or leases a structure open to the general public, including but not limited to Retail Establishments and City-owned buildings, that currently has or at any time establishes one or more single-occupancy bathroom facilities for public use, shall provide Gender-neutral Signage for such facilities.
      (a)   An entity that has bathroom facilities with gender usage indicated by art work or design may, if such designs predate the effective date of this Ordinance, retain such designs, provided that they use signage that clearly indicates that the bathroom may be used by any person or persons, regardless of gender identity.
   (3)   Penalties. A violation of this Section shall constitute a Class III offense and shall be subject to the fines set forth in subsection 1-109(3) of this Code. Each day that the violation continues shall constitute a separate violation.



   Added, Bill No. 150668 (approved October 20, 2015), effective January 18, 2016.