§ 9-635.  Urban Experiential Displays. 944
   (1)   Installation, Permits and Licenses.
      (a)   No person shall build, erect, install, alter or replace any structure to function as, or obtain any licenses to operate, an Urban Experiential Display, as defined at Section 14-203, until all required permits are obtained (e.g., zoning, building, electrical, etc.).
      (b)   No Urban Experiential Display shall operate or function, unless the owner or operator of the Display obtains and maintains an Urban Experiential Display License.
      (c)   Applications for an Urban Experiential Display License shall set forth the following information:
         (.1)   Name and address of the Applicant.
         (.2)   Name and address of the owner of the premises.
         (.3)   Legal address of the property where the Urban Experiential Display is to be located.
         (.4)   Total square footage of the Urban Experiential Display.
         (.5)   Department permit numbers of all applicable permits that were issued for the Urban Experiential Display.
         (.6)   Any other information the Department requires.
      (d)   No license shall be issued or renewed until the applicable Urban Experiential Display fee has been paid.
      (e)   The Urban Experiential Display License must be renewed annually.
      (f)   The annual fee for a license is four thousand dollars ($4,000) for each Urban Experiential Display.
      (g)   No license shall be issued unless the Applicant certifies, to the satisfaction of the Department, that the Display is programmed to comply with the content allocation requirements of subsection 14-517(3)(q).



   Added, Bill No. 140907 (became law April 9, 2015).