§ 9-403.  Motor Buses. 635
   (1)   Size. Motor buses of a total width not in excess of one hundred two (102) inches may be operated within the City; Provided, that written approval of the Street Commissioner is first obtained for any such operation on schedule service routes, and oral approval for charter routes; and, Provided, further, that the grant of such permission shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver by the City of any other limitation or restriction which may be imposed on the operation of motor buses within the City. 636
   (2)   Passenger Loading and Unloading. No motor bus, unless operated under the direction and control of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), shall load or unload passengers at off-street locations in the following designated areas: 637
      (a)   City avenue, from Forty-seventh street to Belmont avenue, east side.



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   Amended, 1956 Ordinances, p. 163.
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