§ 9-104.  Reinspection Fees. 8
   (1)   The Department is authorized to charge a fee, as follows, for all second and subsequent reinspections of business operations or activities regulated under this Title when, upon reinspection, the Department determines that operations or activities previously found not in compliance with a provision of this Title continue not to be in compliance:
      Second reinspection. . . . . $75
      Third reinspection. . . . . $150
      Fourth and subsequent reinspections. . . . . $300
   (2)   In addition to other penalties outlined in this Title, any person who fails to remit the required reinspection fee to the Department when requested, shall have his or her license or permit to conduct the business activity or operation suspended, and the business activity or operation shall cease until the payment of fees owed has been received by the Department.



   Added, Bill No. 040422 (approved June 3, 2004). Section formerly entitled "Fair Employment Practices." Source: 1948 Ordinances, p. 74; repealed and replaced by Chapter 9-1100, 1963 Ordinances, p. 411. Enrolled Bill No. 758 (approved July 24, 1995), 1995 Ordinances, p. 1081, erroneously amends this repealed Section.