§ 9-101.  Definitions.
   In this Title the following definitions apply:
   (1)   Department. Unless otherwise specified, the Department of Licenses and Inspections.
   (2)   License. The whole or any part of any permit, certificate, approval or other form of permission required by law, special ordinance, or any provisions of the Code to be obtained from the City or any agency as a prerequisite for carrying on a business, trade or profession or for doing any act, or for using any property.
   (3)   Tax Clearance Certificate. Certification from the Department of Revenue that the applicant either is not delinquent on any taxes under Title 19 or is in compliance with current payment agreements. Tax Clearance Certificates are available through the Department of Revenue's website. A Tax Clearance Certificate shall be valid for purposes of satisfying Title 4, Section A-202.7 or for obtaining a zoning permit under Section 14-303 for 180 days from its date of issuance. For all other purposes, a Tax Clearance Certificate shall be valid for periods established at the discretion of the Department of Revenue, but in no case for less than thirty days. Certification shall be in form satisfactory to the Department, which may include, when available, electronic certification by direct electronic communication between the Department of Revenue and the Department. 1



   Added, Bill No. 160138-A (approved June 28, 2016), effective January 1, 2017.