§ 6-708.  Submission of Data to Council.
   (1)   In order to ensure that the Council is fully aware of the annual operating and capital appropriation levels needed to fulfill the service mandate, and pursuant to his duties under subsection 4-101(a) of the Home Rule Charter, the Health Commissioner shall, during the budgetary process in which the Mayor delivers his proposed annual operating budget to the Council, deliver a statement to the Council showing the following:
      (a)   the numbers and types of positions required to staff the District Health Centers to the level needed to satisfy the service mandate, and the budgetary cost thereof;
      (b)   the quantities and types of supplies, medicines and equipment needed to satisfy the service mandate and the budgetary cost thereof;
      (c)   the nature and cost of necessary repairs and other facility maintenance;
      (d)   the number of individual patients served by, and patient visits made to, each District Health Center during the prior fiscal year and a projection of such numbers for the subsequent fiscal year, showing both individual patient and patient visits totals broken down according to:
         (.1)   race;
         (.2)   relevant age groupings;
         (.3)   gender;
         (.4)   relevant income groupings;
         (.5)   District Health Center of service;
         (.6)   any other or more specifically detailed category that the President of Council, Chairperson of the Health Committee or Council by resolution shall request;
      (e)   an itemized estimate of all appropriations that would be required from the General Fund to the Health Department and each of its budgetary classes in the next Fiscal Year in order to fulfill the service mandate. Such estimate shall be reasonable, verifiable, and based upon a documented review of prior budgets and service delivery levels, as well as a forecast of future demands for service and of anticipated revenues identified in subsection 6-708(1)(f). Such documented review and forecast shall be submitted to the Council at the same time as the itemized estimate;
      (f)   an itemized estimate of all anticipated revenues from third-party and self-payers for services to be rendered by the District Health Centers in the following Fiscal Year.
   (2)   In the event the itemized estimate and documented review required by subsection 6-708(1)(e) is not timely submitted to the Council, it shall be presumed that full funding of the Mayor's Operating Budget request for the Health Department represents full funding of the service mandate.
   (3)   In order to assist the Council in monitoring fulfillment of the service mandate, the Health Department shall report to the Health Committee, semi-annually or at such other times as the Chair of the Committee shall request, the following data:
      (a)   the nature and number of all District Health Center staff positions funded in the Health Department budget as it may have been amended from time to time;
      (b)   the number of such positions authorized by the Administration to be filled as of the date of the report for each District Health Center;
      (c)   the number of such positions actually filled as of the date of the report at each District Health Center;
      (d)   the number of persons served at each District Health Center compared to the number served at each such District Health Center during the same period in each of the prior three (3) fiscal years;
      (e)   the number and identity of formulary drugs "out of stock" or otherwise unavailable to patients at any time, and the estimated number of days each drug was so unavailable, during the previous half-year, by District Health Center;
      (f)   the nature and cost of necessary repairs and other facility maintenance;
      (g)   such other information related to fulfillment of the service mandate as the Chair of the Health Committee may request.