§ 6-706.  Charges for Services.
   (1)   The City shall bill all third party payers for all services to the maximum extent possible, and shall collect fees directly from patients pursuant to a sliding scale for those services not required to be provided without charge (listed below), provided, however, that no person shall be denied service for failure to pay a bill, and provided further that no collection activity shall be initiated against any patient in connection with any such bill other than the mailing of non-threatening reminder notices which are literacy appropriate, unless such patient, known to have or be eligible for third party health insurance, fails to cooperate with the billing process.
   (2)   No patient charges shall be assessed for:
      (a)   diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease and tuberculosis;
      (b)   immunizations, including the visits associated with such services;
      (c)   prenatal and post-partum care; and
      (d)   family planning for persons under eighteen (18) years of age.