§ 6-612.  Public Education.
   (1)   The Department shall conduct a program of public education on asbestos hazards in buildings. This program shall include, but not be limited to, the distribution of educational materials to the general public and occupants of buildings with asbestos hazards.
   (2)   Educational programs and materials developed or authorized by the Department shall include, but not be limited to, the uses of asbestos materials in buildings, the health effects of asbestos exposure, the recognition of asbestos hazards, proper asbestos control methods, recommended air monitoring procedures and the requirements of this Chapter.
   (3)   The Department shall distribute to all property owners a brochure on asbestos in buildings which shall include the information set forth in subsection 6-612(2).
   (4)   The Department shall also make available lists of all licensed contractors, certified asbestos project inspectors, certified laboratories, and certified training programs.
   (5)   The Department shall also make available technical information regarding proper asbestos control methods, asbestos project standards, and other requirements of this Chapter to building owners and asbestos contractors, supervisors and workers.