§ 6-205.  Emergency Epidemic Control.
   (1)   Where a communicable disease which constitutes a serious danger to health is spreading either in the City or in the communities surrounding the City, and threatens to reach epidemic proportions unless immediately controlled; where the danger thereof is such that the Board does not have time to list the said disease as quarantinable and issue regulations for its effective control; and where the Mayor of the City has suspended the requirements of Section 8-407 of the Charter, the Department shall have the authority to issue orders, which shall be effective until the Board may meet and promulgate regulations, listing said disease as a quarantinable disease and providing for quarantine or isolation of persons who have, or are reasonably suspected of having, or have been exposed to such disease, providing for the control of animals, the control of environmental sanitation, and for such other measures as are necessary to prevent the spread of said disease.