Add Section R-R905.17 as follows:
R-R905.17 Reflectance. Roof Coverings over conditioned spaces on low-slope roofs (roof slope < 2:12) on newly constructed buildings and additions to existing buildings shall be Energy Star rated as highly reflective.
   1.   An addition to a roof that supports living vegetation and includes a synthetic, high quality waterproof membrane, drainage layer, soil layer and light weight medium plants shall be permitted to comprise part or all of the roof area.
   2.   Roof areas used as outdoor recreation space by the occupants of the building.
   3.   An area including and adjacent to rooftop photovoltaic and solar thermal equipment, totaling not more than three times the area that is covered with such equipment.
   4.   Limited roof areas as determined by regulations promulgated by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.
   5.   A roof, the area of which is less than three percent (3%) of the gross floor area of the building.