PM-605.1 Installation. All electrical equipment, wiring and appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe and approved manner.
PM-605.2 Receptacles. Every habitable space in a dwelling shall contain at least two separate and remote receptacle outlets. Every laundry area shall contain at least one grounded-type receptacle or a receptacle with a ground fault circuit interrupter. Every bathroom shall contain at least one receptacle. Any new bathroom receptacle outlet shall have ground fault circuit interrupter protection.
PM-605.3 Luminaires. Every public hall, interior stairway, toilet room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, boiler room and furnace room shall contain at least one electric luminaire.
   PM-605.3.1 Outdoor lighting fixture: Every owner or operator of every multiple-family dwelling shall provide an outside light over each entrance from the street and in a prominent place in each side yard and rear yard sufficient to illuminate and maintain in service 16 square feet (1.49 m 2) of ground area to the intensity of 3 foot candles (33 lux). The light shall be turned on automatically at sunset and shall remain on until sunrise the following morning.