The International Plumbing Code Appendix E is adopted to provide acceptable methods for the sizing of water service and water distribution piping by a designer.
Notwithstanding the definitions set forth in Chapter 2 of this code, the following definitions apply to this Appendix.
WATER SERVICE PIPE. The pipe from the water main or other source of potable water supply, or from the meter when the meter is at the public right of way, to the water distribution system of the building served.
WATER DISTRIBUTION PIPE. A pipe within the structure or on the premises that conveys water from the water service pipe, or from the meter when the meter is at the structure, to the points of utilization.
WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM. The water service pipe, the water distribution pipes, and the necessary connecting pipes, fittings, control valves and all appurtenances in or adjacent to the structure or premises.
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