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P-1304.2 Water pressure-reducing valve or regulator. Where the reclaimed water pressure supplied to the building exceeds 80 psi (552 kPa) static, a pressure-reducing valve shall be installed to reduce the pressure in the reclaimed water distribution or water supply system piping to 80 psi (552 kPa) static or less. Pressure-reducing valves shall be specified and installed in accordance with Section 604.8.
P-1304.3 Reclaimed water systems.
P-1304.3.1 Distribution or water supply pipe. Distribution piping or water supply piping shall comply with Sections 1304.3.1.1 through 1304.3.1.3.
Exception: Irrigation piping located outside of the building and downstream of a backflow preventer.
P-1304.3.1.1 Materials, joints and connections. Distribution piping or water supply piping conveying reclaimed water shall conform to standards and requirements specified in Section 605 for nonpotable water.
P-1304.3.1.2 Design. Distribution piping or water supply piping systems shall be designed and sized in accordance with Section 604 for the intended application.
P-1304.3.1.3 Labeling and marking. Nonpotable distribution piping or water supply piping labeling and marking shall comply with Section 608.9.
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