P-608.1.1 Backflow containment assemblies required. Backflow containment assemblies shall be installed in all buildings.
Exception: Residential buildings with four dwelling units or less. 315
P-608.1.2 Installation of backflow containment assemblies. Installation shall be in accordance with Philadelphia Water Department Regulation 403 and the Philadelphia Water Department Cross Connection Control Manual, as amended.
*      *      *
P-608.4 Potable water handling and treatment equipment. Water pumps, filters, softeners, tanks and other appliances and devices that handle or treat potable water to be supplied to the potable water distributionsupply system shall be located to prevent contamination from entering the appliances and devices. Overflow, relief valve and waste discharge pipes from such appliances and devices shall terminate through an air gap.
*      *      *
P-608.9 Identification of nonpotable water systems.
*      *      *
P-608.9.2 Distribution pipe labeling and marking. Nonpotable distribution and supply piping shall be purple in color and shall be embossed, or integrally stamped or marked, with the words: "CAUTION: NONPOTABLE WATER – DO NOT DRINK" or the piping shall be installed with a purple identification tape or wrap. Pipe identification shall include the contents of the piping system and an arrow indicating the direction of flow. Hazardous piping systems shall also contain information addressing the nature of the hazard. Pipe identification shall be repeated at intervals not exceeding 25 feet (7620 mm) and at each point where the piping passes through a wall, floor or roof. Lettering shall be readily observable within the room or space where the piping is located.
*      *      *
P-608.9.2.3 Identification tape. Where used, identification tape shall be not less than 3 inches (76 mm) wide and have white or black lettering on a purple field stating "CAUTION: NONPOTABLE WATER – DO NOT DRINK". Identification tape shall be installed on top of nonpotable rainwater distribution and supply pipes, fastened not less than every 10 feet (3048 mm) to each pipe length and run continuously the entire length of the pipe.
*      *      *
P-608.17 Connections to the potable water system.
*      *      *
P-608.17.4 Connections to automatic fire sprinkler systemsand standpipe systems. The potable water supply to automatic fire sprinkler and standpipe systems shall be protected against backflow by a double check backflow prevention assembly, a double check fire protection backflow prevention assembly or a reduced pressure principle fire protection backflow prevention assembly.
1.   Where systems are installed as a portion of the water distribution supply system in accordance with the requirements of this code and are not provided with a fire department connection, isolation of the water supply system shall not be required.
2.   Isolation of the water distributionsupply system is not required for deluge, preaction or dry pipe systems.
*      *      *
P-608.17.7 Chemical dispensers. Where chemical dispensers connect to the potable water distributionsupply system, the water supply system shall be protected against backflow in accordance with Section 608.14.1, 608.14.2, 608.14.5, 608.14.6, 608.14.8 or 608.14.9.
P-608.17.8 Portable cleaning equipment. Where the portable cleaning equipment connects to the water distributionsupply system, the water supply system shall be protected against backflow in accordance with Section 608.14.1, 608.14.2, 608.14.3, 608.14.7 or 608.14.8.



   Amended, Bill No. 190713 (approved December 30, 2019), effective February 3, 2020. See note 313 for effective date provisions.