P-106.1 Establishment. The Plumbing Advisory Board is established in the Department of Licenses and Inspections, with such duties as may be determined by the Mayor by Executive Order.
P-106.2 Composition. The Board shall consist of seven members appointed by the Mayor and shall be chaired by one such appointed member as designated by the Mayor. The Board shall consist of: four members who are registered master plumbers; one member who is a design professional licensed or registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania experienced in the design of plumbing systems; one member who shall represent the development community; and one member who shall represent the sustainability community. The Board shall also include the following non-voting ex-officio members: one member from the Department of Licenses and Inspections; one member from the Street Department; and one member from the Water Department, each of whom shall be appointed by their respective Commissioners. In the event a vacancy occurs with one of the members appointed by the Mayor, the remainder of the Board may recommend a replacement.