P-105.1 Authorization. The Department is authorized to promulgate technical regulations, and to amend existing such regulations as it deems necessary or appropriate from time to time, governing the manner in which plumbing work is to be performed and the materials that are to be used. Such regulations shall meet the standards set forth in Section P-105.1.1.
P-105.1.1 Standards of plumbing regulations. In developing or amending the technical regulations governing plumbing installations, the Department shall develop regulations based upon the model plumbing codes enacted through the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 1999, as amended (the "UCC"); to include:
1.   The development of any necessary local exceptions to such model plumbing codes, provided that such amendments would equal or exceed the minimum requirements of the UCC and remain subject to the following standards imposed by the UCC:
a.   That certain clear and convincing local climatic, geologic, topographic or public health and safety circumstances or conditions justify the exception;
b.   the exception shall be adequate for the purpose intended and shall meet a standard of performance equal to or greater than that prescribed by the UCC; and
c.   the exception would not diminish or threaten the health, safety and welfare of the public.
2.   National standards that eliminate to the greatest extent possible the use of lead in the installation of plumbing materials both to protect the soil from contamination and to meet the requirements of the Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act.
3.   National standards that allow for methods and materials which promote sustainability and conservation in the City's built environment.
4.   Regulations that allow for alterations to existing plumbing systems installed under prior or current plumbing codes and standards, pursuant to updated plumbing codes enacted by the UCC.
P-105.1.2 Procedural requirements for plumbing regulations. Adoption of any such regulations shall adhere to all procedural requirements established under the UCC.
P-105.2 Publishing of errata. When errors are found in the development and format of the technical provisions of this code after publication, the Department of Licenses and Inspections is authorized to publish errata to clarify and correct such errors.