Add Section F-5704. as follows:
      F-5704. Periodic testing of underground tanks. Every 5 years, or more frequently where required by the manufacturer's instructions, underground tanks shall be tested for tightness in accordance with NFPA 329. A leak shall exist if the net change exceeds 0.1 gallons (0.4 L) per hour.
            Exception: Underground tank systems that have automatic tank gauging, inventory reconciliation analysis or secondary containment with interstitial monitoring.
Delete Section 5704. and replace as follows:
      F-5704. Tanks abandoned in place. The procedure for tanks abandoned in place shall be as follows:
            1.   Flammable and combustible liquids shall be removed from the tank and connected piping.
            2.   The suction, inlet, gauge, vapor return and vapor lines shall be disconnected.
            3.   The tank shall be filled completely with an approved inert solid material.
            4.   Remaining underground piping shall be capped or plugged.
            5.   A record of tank size, location and date of abandonment shall be retained.
            6.   All exterior above-grade fill piping shall be permanently removed when tanks are abandoned or removed.
            7.   A site assessment, to determine if there is any soil or ground water contamination, shall be conducted in accordance with requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). The site assessment report shall be performed for all abandoned tanks, including those not regulated by PADEP. A copy of the site assessment, documentation of any required site remediation and a closure report shall be maintained by the property owner.