Add Section F-603.1.3.1 as follows:
      F-603.1.3.1 Oil burner operating controls. Oil burners shall have an electrical means to manually stop the flow of oil to the burner for maintenance and during an emergency at the following locations. The device for maintenance work shall be located at the burner. A secondary emergency device shall be readily accessible a safe distance from the burner (immediately outside the room to the heater or at the top of the stairway where a heater is installed in a basement, but not in a room). All devices shall be labeled.
Delete Section 603.4 (Retain Sections 603.4.1 through 603. and replace as follows:
F-603.4 Portable unvented heaters. Portable unvented fuel-fired heating equipment shall be prohibited.
      1.   Portable heating equipment is permitted in buildings undergoing construction or temporarily without heat with written approval from the fire department and in accordance with Section 3303.
      2.   Listed and approved portable kerosene heaters are permitted in one- and two-family dwellings when used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and Sections 2.1 through 2.4.
         2.1.   Heaters shall be located at least 3 feet (914 mm) from combustible materials.
         2.2.   Heaters shall not be left unattended and shall be shut off before sleeping.
         2.3.   Heaters shall be refueled outdoors with the heater not in operation.
         2.4.   Fuel containers for refueling heaters shall be stored outdoors in a secure location.