Delete Section 508.1 and replace as follows:
F-508.1 General. Where required by other Sections of this code and in all buildings classified as high-rise buildings by the Philadelphia Building Code that are constructed, or existing and changing occupancy classification, on or after January 1, 1984, a fire command center for fire department operations shall be provided. Where a fire command center is required to be installed to comply with this code, it shall comply with Section 508.1.1 through 508.1.7.
Delete Section 508.1.1 and replace as follows:
   F-508.1.1 Location and access. The location and accessibility of the fire command center shall be approved by the fire department.
Add Section F-508.1.7 as follows:
   F-508.1.7 Identification of the fire command center. Doors to a fire command center shall be marked "Fire Command Center".