Add Section F-403.2.2.1 as follows:
      F-403.2.2.1 Continuous entertainment programs. Places of assembly having continuous entertainment, music or other programs, shall announce the locations of exits at the change of each entertainment set, but no less frequently than every 90 minutes.
Add Section F-403.2.5 as follows:
   F-403.2.5 Convention, trade shows and exhibition events. Conventions, trade shows and exhibition events shall be conducted in accordance with fire safety requirements of the fire department and the Department of Licenses and Inspections.
Delete Section 403.11.2 and replace as follows:
   F-403.11.2 High-rise buildings. An approved fire safety and evacuation plan in accordance with Section 404 shall be prepared and maintained for high-rise buildings. Plans shall be approved by the Fire Department. The fire code official shall inspect high-rise buildings for compliance with this code. The owner, manager or operator of high-rise buildings shall obtain the license required by Section F-105.6.3.