F-107.1 Appeals and requests for variance. Violations of the Fire Code may be appealed by the owner of a property to the Fire Commissioner for relief from or time to correct the violations. To file an appeal the owner shall submit the appropriate appeal form and a check or money order in the amount specified in the Philadelphia Administrative Code within 30 days of the date of the Violation Notice. If the violation has been reviewed by Municipal Court or the Court of Common Pleas and has been sent to the Fire Commissioner for review, the owner shall comply with the time frame specified in the court's order. If an action desired by an owner would place the property in violation of this code, the owner may apply to the Fire Commissioner for a variance from code requirements. Appeals and requests for variance shall be heard by the Board of Safety and Fire Prevention. The board will make recommendations to the Fire Commissioner who will render a decision on the appeal or variance request.
F-107.2 Fees. The fee for filing an appeal shall be as set forth in Section A-904 of the Administrative Code.